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All Inclusive Travel Concierge believes that traveling is a great way to create life-long memories.

Special Needs Group CERTIFIED Accessible Travel Advocate

One goal is to see that everyone is given the opportunity to experience the joy of travel.  We can help people with mobility challenges (temporary or permanent), hearing or visual impairment, as well as those with Autism, Down’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Tourettes Syndrome or other developmental issues, and plan their dream vacations.   We also assist those who travel with service dogs or support animals and people on dialysis or oxygen to plan amazing vacations.  We have also worked with nursing mothers – arranging to enable them to properly store the precious breast milk (“Liquid Gold”) they’ve pumped until they return home as well as making accommodations for the proper storage of medications, including insulin, which require refrigeration.  Many people are unaware of the services available to travelers with disabilities and which destinations and travel suppliers are the most accommodating and accessible, but we have that knowledge and are more than happy to share  information with you.

If you, or a loved one has a disability, we are here to assist you in planning your travel — and there is rarely a fee for our services. We help solo travelers, as well as those traveling with family, friends,  loved ones, or with a group, plan amazing vacation experiences — despite any physical or developmental challenges.  There are a lot of details to navigate when planning travel for disabled travelers .   The planning process can be be overwhelming and resources difficult to find.  This is , where our expertise, knowledge and experience will help you.  We know which airlines, cruise lines, resorts, excursions, and transfers will accommodate your needs.   We work with cruise lines, resorts and excursion companies that accommodate disabled travelers. We also have relationships with cruise lines, and resorts that  offer services for families affected by Autism, Autism Spectrum, and other developmental disabilities.


Cruises, Tours, Resorts and Theme Parks

Don’t let your special needs keep you from traveling. We are Certified Accessible Travel Advocates who will help you choose from a variety of special needs accessible vacations — including cruises, theme parks, resorts and excursions.  We will help you determine which rooms or staterooms at a given resort, theme park or ship will best suit your needs.  Just as important, we advise you as to which cruise lines and resorts are not accessible.  (Keep in mind that the ADA is a U.S. regulation).  We can also arrange mobility equipment, oxygen,  respiratory equipment, audio or visual aides or even hospital type beds or lift rentals.  There are even cruises equipped for dialysis at sea. Note:  Information for Special Needs at Sea, Autism on the Seas and Beaches Autism -Friendly Kids Camps follows.

Whether you have a temporary mobility issue due to an injury and need a walker, knee scooter, power chair or motorized scooter or you or a loved one is permanently disabled, there is a fabulous vacation waiting for you and your loved ones or friends on land or sea.  Some clients may only need a scooter for a specific portion of their itinerary that involves extensive walking and we can arrange that as well.   We can also arrange for special wheelchairs that are made for beach sand.

It is of the utmost importance that you have a travel planner who is Certified as a Accessible Travel Advocate to help you plan your vacation so that all your special needs are met and you are free to enjoy your journey.   We have deck plans for all the cruise lines and their ships, we have contacts at headquarters as well as on board the ships, and we have a relationship with land based support for you as well.  We know which destinations and ports are call are the easiest to navigate for those with special needs and we work with tour companies and shore excursions that can accommodate you as well.   For example, if you plan to visit the Magic Kingdom, travelers with mobility challenges may want to choose the Grand Floridian, Polynesian or Contemporary hotels, since they are on the Monorail route.   If you want to visit Epcot or Hollywood Studios, you can use the boats or walkways from Boardwalk, Beach Club or Disney’s Yacht Club.  We provide our expertise and experience at no cost to you.  No matter what your challenge, contact us to plan your next accessible vacation.



Beaches, the family friendly branch of Sandals Resorts, has become the first resort in the world to offer an Autism-Friendly Kids Camp, featuring Julia from Sesame Street.  Julia is the first Muppet on Sesame Street with autism and the popular television show’s motto is “See Amazing in All Children”.   This motto has been carried over to the Autism-Friendly Kids Camp at Beaches resorts.  The Autism-Friendly Kids Camp programs at Beaches resorts are Certified Autism Centers.  Now you can vacation at a world-famous, family-friendly all inclusive resort — Beaches — knowing that they offer specialized activities, dining, and other services for children on the spectrum. Their culinary concierge will help your family create menus  including allergy restrictions, lactose intolerance, gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan dietary options.

Beaches resorts are the first resort in the world to complete IBCCES training and Autism
Certification.   Being an Autism Certified Center with Certified Autism Specialists means that Beaches team members have the knowledge, temperament, expertise and skills to cater to your children.  In addition, at least 80 percent of Beaches Resorts’ Kids Camp team members have received an Autism Certificate (AC) that better equip them to host families with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).   You will have the peace of mind that the specially trained Beaches staff will provide a safe and appropriate vacation for individuals with autism and their families.

Julia the Muppet(R) will be added to the cast of Sesame Street (R) characters at Beaches resorts and the Autism-Friendly Kids Camps will begin at Beaches Resorts in Jamaica and Turks & Caicos on September 1, 2017.  She’ll introduce engaging activities such as an open-ended art program “Art with Julia” and enjoyable character experiences with your child in mind.   Contact us to reserve your vacation at Beaches.




There is a magnificent program called Autism on the Seas that provides two types of cruises for adults and families living with children with Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Asperger Syndrome, Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Tourette Syndrome, and other Cognitive, Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.  You have a choice between a “Staffed Cruise” where Autism on the Sea’s Professionals who will accommodate and assist your child on specific Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Norwegian, Celebrity or Disney Cruises.  These cruises also offer respite sessions for siblings and friends of your child.  The Staffed Cruises are also open to all Extended Family and Friends.  In addition, the Autism on the Seas Foundation has opportunities for financial assistance for these cruises, and they also offer flexible payment plans.  Contact Us for more information.

The second  option is a “Cruise Assistance Package”, where you cruise on the major cruise lines without the assistance of Autism on the Sea’s professional staff.  This is an option for those who prefer to cruise on their own, with special accommodations made by the cruise line to ensure your child has a memorable cruise experience.  This service is free of charge.  Contact Us for more information.