Ocean Cruises & River Cruises

 We’ll help you plan any cruise and your shore excursions while in ports of call for any cruise line on any ship on any itinerary.  We also provide special perks or amenities or on board spending credit when you book your cruise with All Inclusive Travel Concierge.    Whether you’d like a 3 day Caribbean Cruise getaway or a World Voyage also called an “around-the-world” cruise lasting up to six months,  or anything in between, we are here to help you find the best cruise line and itinerary for you.

We can help cruisers traveling solo to find a cruise that waives the single supplement, or we can help large groups or families find the perfect cruise to suit their needs and likes as well.   We love to cruise.  We cruise often, and attend  continuing education as well so we have the most up-to-date information on all the cruise lines.

River Cruises vs Ocean and Sea Cruises

River Cruises are a popular trend in travel, as are smaller ship and all inclusive cruise lines.   They are popular for many reasons:

    1. The smaller size of the ships allows for a more intimate cruising experience
    1. Smaller ships can reach ports that the larger cruise-liners can not – you can experience “bucket list” places
    1. The ratio of staff to passengers is better on most of the smaller ships
    1. River cruising or small ship cruising is at a more leisurely pace than traditional cruising – No crowds and lines or hustle and bustle
    1. Today’s River Cruises offer better cabins and nicer ships than the river cruising of the past
    1. Experience Local Culture on board with cuisine and entertainment having a “local flair”.  Farm to table is a popular theme on River Cruises and Smaller Ships.
  1.      Less “Sea Days”  – more time on land
    1. Dress is Casual
    1. Most passengers are “grown ups”

Special Needs Travel

(Cruises, resorts, tours, and theme parks)

Special Needs Group CERTIFIED Accessible Travel Advocate
    We have Special Needs Accessible Travel Advocate Certification.  We can help you plan every step of your journey — on land or sea.  There are services available for disabled travel at resorts, theme parks and cruise lines.  Handicap and Mobility assistance, such as walkers, power chairs and scooters, as well as audio and visual aides, oxygen and even hospital-type beds and lifts are available to enable you to travel by yourself or with loved ones.
    There are a lot of details that must be addressed when a traveler has special needs.  Are the rooms handicap accessible?  Will there be seating areas for those with mobility issues?  What about getting around while in port if you are on a cruise?   Did you know there are special wheelchairs made especially for rolling through the sand on the beach?  All Inclusive Travel Concierge will help you secure any rental equipment you need,  find a room or stateroom that suits your needs, and determine the best destination or itinerary and excursions or tours for you and/or your loved ones.


    We have access to special itineraries on cruise lines for families affected by Autism, Asperger Syndrome, Tourette Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy and Down’s Syndrome through the Autism on the Seas program and Autism on the Seas cruises.   You can chose between a “Staffed Cruise” or a “Cruise Assistance Package” (Non-staffed).  The Autism on the Seas Foundation (a 501(c)3 non-profit) even offers financial assistance and flexible payment options.  The Staffed Cruises offer respite programs for siblings and child friends.   Contact Us for further information about this amazing program that serves such a great need.

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