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Whether you are a solo traveler, a family planning a cruise, a couple looking for a romantic getaway,  a person with a disability or special needs, a large group or family planning a trip or reunion together,  someone looking for a Grand Voyage or World Cruise or you’re planning a once-in-a-lifetime “bucket list” experience, we are here to help you create amazing memories.

We feel the internet can cause information overload for most people attempting to plan their own vacation.  Statistics say that the average person will spend approximately 42 hours of online research to plan a one-week vacation.   Is that really how you want to  spend your time?  Let us save you time, money, and take the stress out of your travel planning.  We’ll handle all the details, and you can simply “pack your suitcase, and go”!

What is a travel Concierge?

A travel concierge provides specialized travel planning services.  But more importantly,  a travel concierge is a real-live person, who builds a relationship with you, and puts their expertise to work for you.   We’ll ask you questions about your preferences, your hobbies and interests, and make recommendations based on those  preferences, interests and needs.  It’s a unique relationship you simply can’t get when you use an online booking engine.  The best part about All Inclusive Travel Concierge’s services is that we rarely charge a fee for all the personalized attention you receive.

Who needs a travel concierge?

  • Anyone who believes their time is valuable.
  • People who are trying to squeeze 50 hours into a 24 hour day.
  • People who understand the importance and value of “specialists”.

If you believe your time is valuable and you want to make the best of your travel, then why not call upon the services of a professional travel planner?  Call or text us at 727-744-5918, call our office at 352-382-2120 or email us.   We’ll help with every phase of your travel planning, leaving you to “just pack your suitcase and go”.

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